Beach Day!! Hollywood Florida

It was raining like 25 days straight and June 6th was the perfect beach day, the sky was blue and the water was perfect.

My sister and sister-in law

New Camera....Time to get Creative

Ive been wanting to upgrade my camera to a D-SLR camera. So yesterday i ordered a Canon ESO XSI... I'm really excited because i love photography but i always think my regular camera takes not so good pictures. So it should get here some time next week, so lets see how good the camera really is. I read really good reviews on the internet, so hopefully i fell in love with my new camera. Till Next time!!!

Oh by the way this week was really busy in school, this was the last week of permanent waving. I did my first perm yesterday from begining to end. The waving and the nuetralizer smell so so so bad it gave me a headache. I'll post pictures tomorrow becuase my husband went to colombia and left me with no camera.... ill share the final results of the Perm.
Til Next time!!!

Ramdom Photos!!!

My Little Sister
My Mom...My hero
Our CuddleBug... Cookie...
The Most 3 wonderful days in NYC... The W hotel in Manhattan was Great... We had so much fun. It was mt first time visiting the Big Apple!!!!

Add ImageTime Square!!!It was freezing...
New York City Feb 2009

My Husband Pablo!!!

Till Next Time!!!

First Week of class Permanent Perm

First week of class was OK... i don't really like doing permanent perms, but its good to learn. It's really time consuming Because of the vast of work you have to do. But here are some pictures so far. Ive been trying to practice at home, but sometimes i get home so tired that all i want is to sleep. Hopefully i will get better...

Some Eye Shadow LookS!!!


i Started Class Yesterday

So i am definitely so excited about the program. I started my first class yesterday and i can be any more happy. We are starting with permanent perm, so hopefully i will post some pictures of my work.

I think the only thing i don't like about this whole thing is that, i get off from work at 5:30 and have to be there at 5:45. If you clock 1 minutes after 5:45 the system will clock you in at 6:00, so i have to find a way to see if at least i can leave 15 minutes earlier from work so i don't have to be rushing to get there.

Overall, I'm falling in love with the school... The tools we received in my opinion are awesome, the only bad thing i see is the luggage that they give you to carry all your stuff. I just don't like it. But little by little i will accommodate it to my own style.

So till next time....