New Face Wash

So yesterday i didnt have any face wash and i really needed to buy something to clean my face. Ive have been using the Clinique face wash, but for some reason i really don't like it. I bought the set but in my opinion there are better products out there for less amount of money. The only product i like of the set is the Clarifying lotion which i used after the face wash and cleans my face even more.
So the New products i bought are the Neutrogena deep clean relaxing night scrub. Which i my opinion is a really good product for the price. I bought at Walmart like for $7, the smell is really pleasant and overall it leaves my face really clean.
Also i got the clean & clear Shower facial. I love this product so far, because it does not leave my face feeling all dry. I think that this product are amazing, because before i got so tired of buying drugstore product because i could never find a product that did not leave my face all dry.So far this to products are my favorites.

I currently looking for a new moisturizer to use for my face, im currently using the one from clinique, but i don't like it because first it has no SPF and, also because it leaves my face really greasy. So yeah im still looking for a product that i really like.


  1. AHH yes the Neutrgena deep clean relaxing night scrubs is good i also bought it this weekend lol

    great minds think alike :p

  2. jajaaj your right!!! Great minds think alike... jejejej

  3. i love the clean and clear that some good stuff.