New Camera....Time to get Creative

Ive been wanting to upgrade my camera to a D-SLR camera. So yesterday i ordered a Canon ESO XSI... I'm really excited because i love photography but i always think my regular camera takes not so good pictures. So it should get here some time next week, so lets see how good the camera really is. I read really good reviews on the internet, so hopefully i fell in love with my new camera. Till Next time!!!

Oh by the way this week was really busy in school, this was the last week of permanent waving. I did my first perm yesterday from begining to end. The waving and the nuetralizer smell so so so bad it gave me a headache. I'll post pictures tomorrow becuase my husband went to colombia and left me with no camera.... ill share the final results of the Perm.
Til Next time!!!


  1. Wow that looks amazing. My camera has broken...for the second time in a year. BLAH

  2. oh so cool! you've got an dslr!
    I want one too, but it's so darn big!