Starting Empire Beauty School on June 1st

Sooo... Horray for me, i did the final steps so i can attend Empire beauty school. i went yesterday and did my financial aid paperwork, and thank God i was eliglible to get some pell grants. So im really happy for that. I start class on June 1st, im really excited becuase this will be something different. I know its not something i would in my mind thaught i will consider to do, but hey a change is good. And anyways im going back, in a year to finish with the respiratory therpay program. So the good news is im still young, dont have kids, i have a loving husban that support my decision and most of all im Happy.

In life i have always been so afraid of making decision, becuase i would always think what would happen. But i read once in a internet forum, that a person can spend year, days, hours, minutes and second thinking about what they would like to do, but nothing will ever come true if you dont put them into action. So here i am today, taking one of the things i would have love to do in life putting it into actions. So we will see what the future has for me.

So for one im enjoying life to its fullest potential. I have gone thru alot the past couple months, So i think i deserve a time off, and focus on something that brings great passion and satisfaction. Even if i fail on this task, which i know i wont, but i can feel good about myself, that i tried to put my word into action. And in the long run i wont regret that i never did what i truly wanted to do.

So unitl next time... we will see what this journey has to offer.


  1. congrats hunny
    & i so know what you mean; i think you should just follow your heart that way you wont regret anything.

  2. Congratulations! I know you'll do great, and you'll love it I promise. I did cosmetology school as well. Full of options!


  3. I really like this post. Thats true girl, we have to put our dreams into actions because if we dont, we will never know.

    Congratualtions on getting into beauty school. I want to do this someday.

  4. Hi my friend,
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  5. Congrats! I can't wait to see your future post and see your work :)

  6. HEy girl, new follower here =)
    Hope you can return the favor xoxo

  7. ohmygod. I was going to go to Empire Beauty school but I go to college and can't afford both. Which one are you attending (I live in New York) I was going to go to the one by the empire state building. Lucky!

  8. Im going to one in florida...