i Started Class Yesterday

So i am definitely so excited about the program. I started my first class yesterday and i can be any more happy. We are starting with permanent perm, so hopefully i will post some pictures of my work.

I think the only thing i don't like about this whole thing is that, i get off from work at 5:30 and have to be there at 5:45. If you clock 1 minutes after 5:45 the system will clock you in at 6:00, so i have to find a way to see if at least i can leave 15 minutes earlier from work so i don't have to be rushing to get there.

Overall, I'm falling in love with the school... The tools we received in my opinion are awesome, the only bad thing i see is the luggage that they give you to carry all your stuff. I just don't like it. But little by little i will accommodate it to my own style.

So till next time....


  1. I'll love to see pictures of your work!

    I really want to go to beauty school.. xD

  2. lucky you :)
    i cant wait for the pictures and maybe you can give us some advice heheehe

  3. Hi there! Thanks for following me. Good Luck with school, You are doing a wonderful job so far!