Starting Empire Beauty School on June 1st

Sooo... Horray for me, i did the final steps so i can attend Empire beauty school. i went yesterday and did my financial aid paperwork, and thank God i was eliglible to get some pell grants. So im really happy for that. I start class on June 1st, im really excited becuase this will be something different. I know its not something i would in my mind thaught i will consider to do, but hey a change is good. And anyways im going back, in a year to finish with the respiratory therpay program. So the good news is im still young, dont have kids, i have a loving husban that support my decision and most of all im Happy.

In life i have always been so afraid of making decision, becuase i would always think what would happen. But i read once in a internet forum, that a person can spend year, days, hours, minutes and second thinking about what they would like to do, but nothing will ever come true if you dont put them into action. So here i am today, taking one of the things i would have love to do in life putting it into actions. So we will see what the future has for me.

So for one im enjoying life to its fullest potential. I have gone thru alot the past couple months, So i think i deserve a time off, and focus on something that brings great passion and satisfaction. Even if i fail on this task, which i know i wont, but i can feel good about myself, that i tried to put my word into action. And in the long run i wont regret that i never did what i truly wanted to do.

So unitl next time... we will see what this journey has to offer.

New Face Wash

So yesterday i didnt have any face wash and i really needed to buy something to clean my face. Ive have been using the Clinique face wash, but for some reason i really don't like it. I bought the set but in my opinion there are better products out there for less amount of money. The only product i like of the set is the Clarifying lotion which i used after the face wash and cleans my face even more.
So the New products i bought are the Neutrogena deep clean relaxing night scrub. Which i my opinion is a really good product for the price. I bought at Walmart like for $7, the smell is really pleasant and overall it leaves my face really clean.
Also i got the clean & clear Shower facial. I love this product so far, because it does not leave my face feeling all dry. I think that this product are amazing, because before i got so tired of buying drugstore product because i could never find a product that did not leave my face all dry.So far this to products are my favorites.

I currently looking for a new moisturizer to use for my face, im currently using the one from clinique, but i don't like it because first it has no SPF and, also because it leaves my face really greasy. So yeah im still looking for a product that i really like.

Few pictures of my Makeup Collection

This are some of the item that i have bought over past months... I think my favorite eye shadows are the palletes from ebay. First becuase they are innexpensive and also becuase the color payoff is really good. Ive stop buying Mac product for the moment, becuase im trying to cut on my expenses. But know and then when a new collections come out, i will always buy one item or two out of it. So here are some pictures....


So its a decision that i want to make, to take a little time of from college and from personal matters. So i have decided to join Empire beauty school here in Fort lauderdale Fl. I went yesterday to check the place out, and i really like it. I don't know anybody that has graduated from that place, but it just gives me good vibes... So we will see what happens. I have an appointment this Saturday to discuss pricing and to see if i qualify for financial Aid. So luck luck to me!!!


My makeup Looks

So over the past month i have become so addicted to makeup, it has become like a great passion. Before i was all natural with no makeup what so ever, i think the only makeup i had was a eyeliner and mascara. But know its like i cant stop buying colorful makeup. You-tube has also become my addiction, i have learn so much thru beautiful ladies that take time to demonstrate their talent. So here are some of my looks.

Love Bold colors, Sometime i wear neutral colors but i just think that neutral is too boring for me. I wear neutral when i have to go to go to serious places like work, interview and so on.

Making Big Decisions!!

OK so after 4 Years in college and only able to go part-time, i have only accomplish a Associates in Arts degree. I have been going on and off from college, because i have to pay school by myself. Ive manage to take a couple of student loan, but still is not enough to quit my current job, and go to school full-time and work par-time.

I think is time for me to make a drastic decision, i know many people would criticize me for the decision i would make. but i have talked to my husband and he is 100% backing me in the decision. So i guess that's all that matters.

So i was currently going to school to do my pre-reqs in pharmacy, after long hour studying i decided that i don't want to go thru it anymore. Not because i cant, or that im not capable but because I'm tired of going every semester to school and not advancing much. Since i can only take couple credits per semester.

So my next choice was Respiratory therapy, which i had decided to do back in November of 2008, because i had gotten pregnant. But on Feb 2009 i had a miscarriage so this again change my decisions.

So now it has been 3 month since my miscarriage, and I'm lost to what i want to do. So last month i decided to enter a cosmetology program and take some photography courses. When i finish this i would work on it for a year to gain some experience and then go back to school to do the respiratory therapy program. I taught that maybe it will be more flexible for me to work as a stylist and a makeup artist meanwhile i finish my degree in respiratory therapy.

So there it is here is my biggest decision ever... And just praying that everything works for the Good..