Thinking of going to cosmetology school?

So, for an update regarding of cosmetology school, I did finish!! But my expectations regarding Empire Beauty School where not completely met. It took me almost 2 years to finish the program because I was going nights and ended up with almost 15,000 in loans. Was it worth it? No! Why? Because I did not get the education I was looking for. Most of the things I learned was because I researched places I could look at demo videos and you tube was also my instructor in learning alot about hair. Don’t get me wrong the school has a good foundation in the way they are meant to teach their students, but in my case I saw that since I was a night students we would not get the attention we deserved. They had the better teachers for the morning students. In the 2 years I was there they switch teachers to many times. And in my opinion the teachers where not trained to teach! So for those reading out there thinking about entering cosmetology school, my advice will be do the research, don’t just jump into a school because of how they paint it to be. If I would do it again, I think I would choose a cheaper school, because I think I would had gotten the same foundation of learning and maybe I think I would have gotten a better education.

Me personally I would not recommend it if you are thinking about going nights... So please do some research!!! So if any question let me know!!! In the bright side I had fun I met really nice people and overall I pleased because I did what I wanted to do Hair...

So after cosmetology school I entered Radiography school last August, and I can truly say I’m loving it!!!  

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