Making Big Decisions!!

OK so after 4 Years in college and only able to go part-time, i have only accomplish a Associates in Arts degree. I have been going on and off from college, because i have to pay school by myself. Ive manage to take a couple of student loan, but still is not enough to quit my current job, and go to school full-time and work par-time.

I think is time for me to make a drastic decision, i know many people would criticize me for the decision i would make. but i have talked to my husband and he is 100% backing me in the decision. So i guess that's all that matters.

So i was currently going to school to do my pre-reqs in pharmacy, after long hour studying i decided that i don't want to go thru it anymore. Not because i cant, or that im not capable but because I'm tired of going every semester to school and not advancing much. Since i can only take couple credits per semester.

So my next choice was Respiratory therapy, which i had decided to do back in November of 2008, because i had gotten pregnant. But on Feb 2009 i had a miscarriage so this again change my decisions.

So now it has been 3 month since my miscarriage, and I'm lost to what i want to do. So last month i decided to enter a cosmetology program and take some photography courses. When i finish this i would work on it for a year to gain some experience and then go back to school to do the respiratory therapy program. I taught that maybe it will be more flexible for me to work as a stylist and a makeup artist meanwhile i finish my degree in respiratory therapy.

So there it is here is my biggest decision ever... And just praying that everything works for the Good..

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  1. Hard choices. Good luck in your decision, I wish you well.
    Hope you dont mind me following your blog. Have clicked on some of your ads too. :)