Influester # Paradise Box

So about 1 month ago I received in the mail my first Influester Box!!! I was really excited since I love testing new products in the market. I decided to tested them out before giving my honest opinion.
So the first product is the Olay Fresh Effect{ Shine, Shine Go Away}. I love this products on the days that my skin feels so oily. It does tend to dry my skin a little but after it I apply my toner and moisturizer it definitely leaves my skin feeling cleaned and purified. I have tried other products from this line and so far this one and the makeup remover cloths are my favorite.
Goody TangleFix: By far this product is really good in detangling hair. It helps so that when I'm brushing my hair, there is no breakage that regular combs or bushes tend to do.
This product really leaves my hair soft and shinny. I apply it before I blow-dry my hair or will apply it to my hair on the days I don't do anything to my hair to help with frizz and it will leave my hair really soft.
NYC Color sparkle eye dust eye shadow: My least favorite product, I tested it in different eye shadow looks but I had too much fall out. I found I really works best  as a base to give a little pop to my eye shadow. But I don't think I would wear it alone.
Dr. Scholl's For her High Hell Insoles: I would say one word that describes this product and  it will be "COMFORT". I have tried them 5 times with my high heels and I could say that it provides  comfort that high heels don't offer. so I could say that this product is definitely a product to try out.  
FYI: received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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